2016 •Lost but on time

I’m not sure what I’ve retained from my past experiences, but I know they where essential. I can’t say I really enjoyed every moment in the previous 4 years, but amongst the bad moments where flecks of good ones; fragments. I can admit that I’m lost at this moment. I’m not exactly sure which path I will follow, or if I can even call it a “path”. Which career will suit me best? Which city will I end up in? Uncertainty is all around, but I’ve never been more comfortable. Though the years of rushing my way through post secondary education at 5 classes a semester while working part time 15 to 20 hours a week, I constantly had the feeling of having to squeeze things in: skateboarding, watching movies, going on dates, making dinner, going to thrift stores, partying, taking trips, etc. To keep Zen, I’ve used photography as a method of slowing the fuck down once and a while. It is a tool to remember, and memory is the whole kit and caboodle. Lost but On Time is a gathering of diary-like photographs about interpreted backstories, worn in spaces and objects, sketchy sightings, city-life and all in all, shooting first and asking questions later.