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Hi, I’m Patrick. I'm a professional photographer and videographer from Montreal. 4 years ago I graduated from Concordia University with a degree in the competitive program of Film Production. In this program I gained a strong understanding and comfortably in the many disciplines of film making which included; script writing; storyboarding; shot list building; budgeting; casting, lighting, shooting and, of course, post production (editing, color grading, sound design). Many students were able to determine which department they saw themselves in upon completion of the program. I realized my strengths proved to be in the technical application of the exposure triangle; aperture, shutter speed and ISO, which completely translated into the world of Photography, where my reawaken passion was found.

Fast forward to a few months ago: I was the lead creative photographer at Studio Cody Caissie, a marketing agency based out of Montreal. I began there as a product photographer, where I was in charge of producing high quality professional photos (white background) for companies that commissioned Studio Cody Caissie including L’Oréal, Joseph Ribkof, Walter Surface technologies, and many others. I eventually became the lead photographer for the creative photography department. Working closely with Erica Boota, the creative director at Studio Cody Caissie, we were able to create highly diverse and elaborately styled sets to photograph for clients to use in their marketing campaigns. Some of these clients included Linen Chest, LancômeZensense, Tense Watches and many more.(client list commissioned to Studio Cody Caissie)

More recently in 2019, I decided to open up my own vintage camera shop called flashbackcams . I was quite good at finding and restoring old cameras and people started to take notice. I started selling the cameras I would find and within a short period of time business started. I was able to sustain myself for a few months and am proud to say that flashbackcams is now part of my livelihood.

Patrick is available for commission. Need photographs? Ask him a question below. If you are looking for a vintage camera, please visit this link. Have a good day!