SOLD - Canon AE-1


After having been handed a non functioning Canon AE-1 and Canon A-1 I decided to see if I could interchange some parts to make 1 working camera. Behold the zebra AE-1. A silver AE-1 with black hardware and base plate. Pretty neat looking right? Camera meter only functions on AP mode. Manual aperture will require external meter. 8/10… you’ll still love it.

  • Shutter speed 2 to 1/1000

  • AP mode

  • Canon FD mount

  • Canon 50mm f1.8 lens

  • LED meter

Rescued in MTL📍 Please note that the condition of the camera is not perfect. Cosmetically, it has a few dents as it was dropped in the past. The cameras light meter only works in AP mode. To shoot with a manual f stop you will need an external meter or go by the sunny 16 rule. The viewfinder also has a few darker spots because of past grease application.

CA $80.00 - Can ship anywhere in North America